Webinar "Lingware Suite: Streamlined Delivery of Voice Applications"

Spitch Team

The benefits of natural language processing and voice technology are now well known. The popularity of the voice channel continues to grow as speech led interfaces become ubiquitous in the home and workplace.

Spitch, a Swiss based speech technology & solution company with a global perspective and a bespoke approach, is now launching Lingware Suite via an introductory webinar. The webinar will demonstrate Lingware’s ease of use showing how applications can be built:

1. Voice Driven Corporate Directory – permit in-bound calls to be directed to the appropriate person or department using a voice interface
2. Automated Insurance Claim Capture - using voice to streamline first notification of loss and verifying vehicle details
3. Credit Card Blocking – deliver card blocking and case transcription with integration into CRM’s

The Spitch team will walk participants through existing user cases and functionality, their business value, benefits and best practices.

While this webinar is aimed at partners and IT professionals, we are sure that specialists from other industries will also benefit.

Participation in the webinar is free.

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